Alchemy Study Program

How to Begin Your Studies

Check the COURSE CATALOG to find the course(s) you want to take. Click the red button to enroll in that course. You will be taken to our online school course catalog. Simply select the courses in which you want to enroll by clicking the "Add to Cart" button. When finished, checkout from your cart. Click the PayPal button and then chose to pay with a credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or with your PayPal account. You will receive payment confirmation email. To set up your student profile, fill out the Welcome Form. Next, register to receive the ANNOUNCEMENTS newsletter from the school about new courses, scheduling, workshops, and other official announcements. 

Login Information

To log into the online school, go to (or ) enter the user name and password you selected when enrolling. You will be taken to a list of your personal courses page where you can begin your studies. Select the course you wish to start. Because all materials are online (nothing is sent by mail), you can begin immediately. You can do the work entirely online or printout or make copies of manuals, charts, books, and other files for offline use.    

At the top of the Course Welcome page for each module in the online school is a list of materials (manuals, ebooks, images, audio files, etc.) for downloading. That way you can work offline or on other devices and print out manuals and texts. All documents are Adobe "pdf" files. If you do not have the Adobe reader, you can download a free copy at Be sure to keep your profile up-to-date with your current contact information. (Remember that is the public resource website, but the online school is at

About the Program

You have six months to complete a module, although most students only take 4-6 weeks. You can enroll for additional courses in the Catalog at. Once you have completed studying the materials in each module, you can take the exam online, and it will be graded immediately. In order to receive a certificate for the course, you must pass the exam with a grade higher than 70%. You have one chance to retake the exam, and if you fail again, you will have to re-enroll in the course from the beginning.

Live Classes, Webinars, and Conferencing

The Alchemy Study Program conducts live online classes, webinars, audio and video conferences, and recorded presentations by instructors. Alchemy Study Program online meetings and other events are listed in the class catalog as well as in the calendar at vents.htm.

Student Networking

There is a closed group on Facebook just for students in this program to communicate with instructors and other students. It is the ALCHEMY STUDENTS group at Go there and click the "Join Group" button. We will confirm that you are enrolled in the program. Once you have been added to the group, you can view and post at the browser page or send emails to to post a new comment or query. The public forums for our alchemical community listed below:


Be sure to take a moment to like our Facebook page at Current announcements are posted there. Other forums, chat rooms, groups, etc, are located at the student networking sites listed in the Student Networking page at

The Alchemy Study Program is also active on public networking sites. Join us on Twitter at We also have an Alchemy Study group on Facebook at!/group.php?gid=148695108473979&ref=ts. You can find us on YouTube at

Student Resources

Textbooks, manuals, and lab supplies are available from the Student Bookstore at Students also receive a 10% discount on items in the alchemical products and labware catalog at Just enter the Coupon Code "ASP1551" at checkout. Other sources of discount lab supplies for those studying practical alchemy are and   Recommended Laboratory Supplies for Students in Practical Alchemy.

The Student Library is at and the Student Galleries are at For a complete list of resources, go to

The best way to contact us is to use the secure Contact Form at For general feedback, use the form at or

Key Features of the Alchemy Study Program

  • Instant grading of exams and immediate issuance of certificates on passing.
  • Private student account where you can access course materials, view your transcripts and certification record, and track your overall progress.
  • Certification programs in both practical (laboratory) and spiritual alchemy. Choose the path that suits you best or take the whole program to become a certified alchemist. Expand your choices at any time.
  • You can enroll in any module at any time and take the courses in any order, and you do not have to take exams in this program unless you are interested in certification.
  • Online classes and alchemy webinars, live conference calls, and 24/7 student chat rooms and forums, FAQs, etc.
  • Download personal copies of all materials, including manuals, textbooks, periodicals, portfolios, drawings, meditations, videos, audio files, software, proprietary forms to read offline or print.
  • Proprietary meditations and concentration exercises enhance practical work and open new levels of awareness of the deeper realities with which alchemists seek to work.
  • Join our Student Community to ask questions on coursework, network with other students and instructors, access more resources, and receive teaching materials.
  • Special student discounts (up to 70%) on advanced labware and equipment, herbs, chemicals, books, DVDs, posters, apparel, and other supplies in the Student Bookstore.
  • Free or discounted admission to alchemy lectures, workshops, conferences, and film screenings for which you can receive course credit for attending. Special student rate for membership in the Alchemy Guild.
  • Learn to make your own planetary tinctures, healing tonics, and powerful elixirs in your own kitchen laboratory.
  • Start a new career as a alchemical therapist, spagyric medicine maker, consultant, or teacher or enhance your current work with alchemical methods.  

Online Resources & Links for Students

Online Classes & Conferencing

  • Online Courses & Exams    Online courses are available 24/7 and allow you to progress at your own pace. Exams graded and certificates issued immediately.

  • Classes & Webinars    Live online seminars, classes, demonstrations on various aspects of practical and spiritual alchemy as presented in our courses.

  • Live Audio Meetings    Live audio conferencing between students and instructors using computer microphone, Skype, or standard telephone.

  •  Private Student Chatroom is always available for chat and consultations between students and instructors. The main Alchemy Study Chatroom is in the Online Student Community. The Quickie Chatroom is a temporary workspace you create for an online private chat between student and instructor or student with another student.

  • Alchemergy Internet Programming is a streaming video site about modern alchemy with interviews with alchemists, live call-ins, and webinars.

Student Forums

  • Facebook Alchemy Study Group is the main forum where members of Facebook meet to discuss alchemy and topics in the Alchemy Study Program.

  • Alchemy Study Group is a secondary forum for students of the Alchemy Study Program who are not on Facebook.

  • Guild Forums    Private forums and blogs on both practical and spiritual alchemy for members of the International Alchemy Guild. Alchemy Study student discounts available.


Student Networking

  • Twitter Student Livewire is our live-feed news service for breaking news, events, and announcements.

  • YouTube Alchemy Study Group is our repository of student films, instructor interviews, and alchemy  videos.

  • Alchemy Lectures & Workshops is an up-to-date listing of alchemy lectures, workshops, and conferences from around the world, many of which carry credit in the Alchemy Study Program. Students may also post their own local events on the Event Hotline.

  • Student Profiles allows viewing of profiles and photos of students and instructors who wish to share their info for networking purposes. You can contact other students and instructors through private messaging on this site.

  • International Alchemy Guild is where alchemists from around the world come to share their work, views, and schedules. 50% membership discount for students in the Alchemy Study Program.

Student Resources

  • Student Bookstore   Discounted books and manuals, glassware, lab supplies and equipment, DVDs, instructional CDs, artwork and posters, charts, and alchemical oils, tinctures, and elixirs, etc. Up to 70% off!

  • Alchemy Galleries   Extensive gallery of downloadable alchemical drawings, etchings, engravings, and paintings down through the ages.

  • Student Library   Student articles and dissertations, alchemy eBooks and online texts, and resources for further study. Free backissues of the Alchemy Journal and other periodicals are also available.

  • Research Links   Hundreds of online alchemy resources and links grouped into categories with short descriptions of content.

  • Student Account Your private online account to track your progress in the Alchemy Study Program, print transcripts or copies of certificates, update your personal information, etc.

  • Student Newsletter Latest news, events, updates, and course announcements from the Alchemy Study Program. Please sign up to receive these announcements.