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Bound Textbooks & Manuals

(Textbooks are included with all courses as downloadable pdf files)


Learn alchemical philosophy and see how it evolved from its roots in ancient Egypt right up to its modern rebirth in the principles of quantum physics.
This hyper-history of alchemy is complimented by further readings on the philosophical basis of alchemy. The experiments in this module take place on the psychological and spiritual levels of your being and are extremely important to your success in this program. The goal is to develop the power of Alchemical Thinking, which takes place on multiple levels at once, and also ignite the Secret Fire of the alchemists within you. Without this Secret Fire of personal gnosis burning in you, you will have difficulty progressing in the final modules, since many of the later experiments and tests are directed towards this kind of direct knowledge. (Note: Enrolled students can download this module at no cost.) $45. Student Price: $19
  Module 1 Manual - $19

This module attempts to bring all these principles alive within you so you can directly experience their validity. When practiced on the higher spiritual level, alchemy is a powerful force for the evolution of soul, which is the expression of the First Matter in us. By working in the inner laboratory of the mind, initiates learn alchemistic meditation and work with the Three Essentials to achieve transmutation. Your mystical training culminates, as you attempt to "ground" your newfound wisdom in the next module. (Note: Enrolled students can download this module at no cost.) $45. Student Price: $19

  Module 2 Manual - $19
EVERYDAY ALCHEMY - Module 3 Manual
This modules focuses on the creation of your own personal Philosopher's Stone, a guide and magical touchstone to transform all aspects of your life. Alchemy is the study of the forces of creation in the macrocosm of the universe. Once these principles are mastered, the individual (or microcosm) can utilize these same forces to transform and enhance his or her own life. You will discover that the health and wealth in your life are part of the "gold" of which the alchemists spoke. By this stage in the Work, you will begin to manifest the incorruptible state of consciousness and confidence that is the hallmark of the true Initiate. (Note: Enrolled students can download this module at no cost.) $45. Student Price: $19

  Module 3 Manual - $19

Learn about the archetypal nature of the metals and their hidden affect they have on every level of our lives. By actually working with the metals, the alchemist gains an intuitive understanding of their profound signatures. In that way, the archetypal or universal correspondences are much more easily grasped. These correspondences exist simultaneously on the physical, psychological, and spiritual levels of reality. By integrating the opposing forces in your own metallic temperament (or personality), you will gain entry to the "Greater Mysteries," in which you become a true Initiate into the deeper truths of which so few of us are aware. (Note: Enrolled students can download this module at no cost.)
$45. Student Price: $19
  Module 4 Manual - $19

This module focuses exclusively on basic physical techniques and chemical experiments. You will become familiar with the secret ciphers and alphabets of the alchemists, as well as understand the deeper meaning of alchemical symbols. You will actually perform experiments that demonstrate all the basic truths revealed to you in previous modules, including each of the Seven Steps of transformation. The overall goal behind combining spiritual and practical techniques is to use the tension created by these two opposite ways of looking at alchemy and fuse them into one holistic approach to the subject. (Note: Enrolled students can download this module at no cost.) $45. Student Price: $19
SPAGYRICS - Module 6 Manual
Learn to separate and recombine essences to prepare alchemically active substances, as you continue to refine and develop your techniques and intuition on all levels. Spagyrics is a way of separating and preserving the hidden qualities (signatures) of plants and minerals in elixirs, tinctures, and powders. The result are subtle yet powerful medicines free of the impurities normally associated with their gross material forms. By learning to make tinctures and elixirs and work only with essences, you will become healthier, mentally clearer, and spiritually stronger for the challenges of the Great Work ahead. The Guide to Alchemical Herbs and Foods is included with this module. (Note: Enrolled students can download this module at no cost.) $45. Student Price: $19

If you wish to continue your training in alchemy and have successfully completed the first six modules, you may enter Module 7, in which the secret of the First Matter and its transformation is the focus of instruction, and the adept will learn how to accumulate and manipulate this chaotic energy to attempt to change lead into gold on all levels on levels of the material, mental, and spiritual realms. As a true practicing Adept, you will be qualified to hold local alchemy seminars, classes, and personal consultations, as well as well as take on students of alchemy. You will also receive assistance setting up your own alchemical enterprise, such as making tinctures or jewelry, through the worldwide resources of the International Alchemy Guild. (Note: Enrolled students can download this module at no cost.) $45. Student Price: $19

This spiritual alchemy workbook is a guided tour through the steps of the Emerald Tablet's formula of transformation. There are alchemical mandalas and symbolic drawings actually used by the alchemists, as well as interpretations and guided meditations to accompany them. Most engravings have never before been published to a wide audience and date back over five hundred years. The 8x10-inch, comb-bound book is designed to open flat for easy viewing and meditation on the drawings. Athanor Books 1999. ISBN 0-9637914-4-3. $19.95. Student price: $12
This booklet is an invaluable tool for those seeking to understand the profound and mysterious art of alchemy. It contains a comprehensive dictionary of alchemical terms, guide to alchemical ciphers and symbols, charts of alchemical correspondences, and a free downloadable TrueType alchemy font set with key code chart. ISBN 0-9637914-6-X. Student price: $12.

Set of ten 8x10 B&W drawings from the Alchemy Study Program. Heavy card stock is ideal for study and meditation. Note: This drawings portfolio is available as a download pdf file as part of Module 1. $12

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Resource CDs & DVDs


Guided Alchemical Meditations

Dennis William Hauck guides the listener through specific meditations for each of the seven alchemical operations of transformation in this powerful, 90-minute recording. From the initial Calcination through Dissolution, Separation, the sacred Conjunction, Fermentation, Distillation, the final Coagulation, this is your personal guide to changing your body, mind, and soul through the unlimited power of your indwelling spirit. Includes the Grand Meditation that combines all the basic  operations in one extended session. Pure gold! (Note: Enrolled students can download this CD at no cost.) $15

CD. $15

Tabula Smaragdina

This beautiful Hermetic composition reproduces the cosmic energy patterns of the Tabula Smaragdina (Emerald Tablet). Mathematically generated, algorithmic music is designed to capture the distilling rhythm and cosmic processes encoded into the Emerald Tablet. Using fractal processes, Bode's Law, alpha frequencies, and other mathematical principles, Australian composer Diarmuid Pigott has created the ideal accompaniment for alchemical meditation that entrains the mind according to the ancient dictim of "As Above, so Below."  72-minute stereo CD. $15

  CD. $15

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