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The secrets of alchemy taught by practicing alchemists.



The oldest continuing education program on alchemy. Both spiritual and practical paths of alchemy are covered. Certificates issues for each of the seven modules, and students who complete all seven modules receive the Diploma in Alchemy. More Information . . .
This online course with practicing alchemist John Reid is intended as an introductory survey of the techniques and lab work in practical alchemy. More Information . . .
This online survey course with practicing alchemist Robert Allen Bartlett covers the techniques of spagyrics including Eastern alchemy techniques of Ayurveda. More Information . . .
The Prius 7 classes are designed to introduce the student into spagyrics, and help prepare them for advanced spagyric lab work and alchemical class work. These are real time streaming classes and demonstrations with John Reid. More information . . .
This first level course in practical alchemy is offered as a live-streaming video class with John Reid and as an on-site class in Seattle, Washington, with Robert Bartlett. Information on John Reid course  |  Information on Robert Bartlett course  
This second level course in practical alchemy is offered as a live-streaming video class with John Reid and as an on-site class in Seattle, Washington, with Robert Bartlett. Information on John Reid course  |  Information on Robert Bartlett course   
This third level course in practical alchemy is offered as a live-streaming video class with John Reid and as an on-site class in Seattle, Washington, with Robert Bartlett. Information on John Reid course  |  Information on Robert Bartlett course  
This is a real time class in the techniques of spiritual alchemy with Dennis William Hauck. Real-time streaming video images, exercises, and meditations. More information . . .
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Dennis William HauckDENNIS WILLIAM HAUCK is an author and lecturer working to facilitate personal and global transformation through the application of the ancient principles of alchemy. He has been interviewed on nearly three hundred radio and TV shows and is the author of  The Emerald Tablet: Alchemy for Personal Transformation, Sorcerer's Stone: A Beginner's Guide to Alchemy, and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Alchemy.
Robert Allen BartlettROBERT BARTLETT began his alchemical study at the Paracelsus Research Society (which later became Paracelsus College) under the guidance of the famous American alchemist Dr. Albert Reidel (also known as Frater Albertus). Robert has published two books: Real Alchemy: A primer of Practical Alchemy and The Way of the Crucible.
PHOENIX AQUILLA is a practicing alchemist and has devoted his life to the Great Work of Alchemy. Beginning his spiritual journey as a young child, Phoenix has spent years exploring the spiritual practices of various cultures from around the world, including living in India and Europe.
John HernandezJOHN HERNANDEZ (Frater John) is the founder of the online alchemical project Lux Permanet and also a co-writer and producer of the Alchemical Rock Opera “Illumine.” John holds the Diploma in Alchemy and is a widely respected teacher of alchemy and personal transformation. He is also a Master Mason and a Frater in the Fraternity of the Hidden Light.


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Alchemy is one of the world’s oldest traditions – a unique blend of science and spirituality that has the potential to create a new vision of the world. Alchemy offers a way of living in accord with the basic patterns of the universe that can result in magical transformations in your life. In our school, these ancient teachings are presented in their purest form. Join us in the Great Work of personal and global transformation. Become part of our international community of students and instructors dedicated to preserving this ancient wisdom!



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Feedback from Students

"The discourses are written in a down-to-earth style that is direct and easy to understand, yet evoke a level of wisdom in me that I never expected. I started out just curious about alchemy and now these teachings are the light of my life." - Albert Wojekowski (Pittsburgh, PA USA)

"I had no idea what was involved in making tinctures and elixirs. Now I realize the power behind alchemical medicines and understand how to use them. These preparations tap into the deepest parts of nature. And now I am learning how to make them myself and tailor them to my own special needs." - Walter Dunninger (San Francisco, CA USA) 

"The courses help me shift my attitude towards life in a way that opens doors and helps me grow. When I sit down and read this material, even though I am doing it on a modern computer, I feel that I am in touch with ancient and sacred knowledge." - George Montclef (New York, NY USA)     

"The Alchemy Study Program is truly in a class all by itself. It enables the student or aspiring Alchemist to transform on all three levels of reality and these teachings “stick” immediately allowing the veil of mystery to be lifted away and empowering one to realize their Personal Vision for the Great Work. I recommend this program for anyone who has even the mustard seed-sized hint of a desire to pursue this Path. That seed will be watered and it will grow." - Vincent Norman Martin (Willoughby, Ohio)

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Program Benefits

Certification programs in both practical (laboratory) and spiritual alchemy. Choose the path best suited to your interests or expand your studies at any time.
Choose your own instructor from our list of authors, lecturers, scholars, and practicing alchemists. Personal contact with instructors via online conferencing or email.
Free alchemy webinars and online classes, live conference calls, and 24/7 student chat rooms and forums. Special student FAQs, dictionaries, and backissues of the Alchemy Journal also provided.
Proprietary manuals, books, alchemists' original manuscripts, reference materials, charts, audio recordings, videos, drawings, artwork, and other study materials. All materials can be downloaded at no cost for offline study or printing.
Exclusive Experiments, including meditations and concentration exercises as well as traditional laboratory work, enhance theoretical work and open new levels of awareness of the deeper realities with which alchemists seek to work.
Online student account where you can take exams and receive immediate grading, access course materials, or view your transcripts and certification record.
Learn to make your own planetary tinctures, healing tonics, and powerful elixirs in your private kitchen laboratory.
Student discounts on glassware, lab supplies, equipment, herbs, and chemicals, as well as books, DVDs, CDs, posters, apparel, and other supplies.
Free or discounted admission to alchemy lectures, workshops, conferences, and film screenings for which you can receive course credit for attending.
Discounted student membership in the International Alchemy Guild, the premiere organization of alchemists founded in Europe. Network with other alchemists from around the world and gain access to the Alchemy Archives, nearly 50 gigabytes of alchemy books, original manuscripts, periodicals, images, art, audio and video recordings, as well as original research from modern alchemists.
Start a new career as a alchemical therapist, spagyricist (medicine maker), consultant, or teacher. Enroll in our Instructor Certification Program to earn money teaching in the Alchemy  Study Program.